Whole body vibration plate

Whole Body Vibration

All you need is this 10 minute exercise to tone and tighten!

 Whole Body Vibration which improves blood and lymph circulations contributing to the prevention of metabolic, musculoskeletal, and degenerative disorders.

WBV  will provide you not only with full body fitness and a strong impact on your health and wellness but also the added benefits of better skin, better posture and a better look. It is fast and efficient and has long lasting effects. The hormonal response and high production of HGH also leads to more rapid healing of fatigued or injured cells and allows faster recovery. The stress hormone, Cortisol, is also lowered significantly, resulting in you feeling good and relaxed after a session

Benefits Include:

  •  Burn Fat and Calories Increase FFA (Free Fatty Acid) in the blood plasma
  •  Lose Weight Increase Growth Hormone and Reduce Stress Hormone
  • Build Muscle Build Bone Mass
  •  Tone and Tighten Skin Prevent Musculoskeletal and other Degenerative Diseases 
  •  Reduce Back Pain Reduce Joint Pain
  • Improve Blood and Lymph Circulation Lower Blood Pressure
  •  Restore Balance Increase Flexibility
  •  Increase Basal Metabolism Increase Bone Mineral Density
  •  Accelerate Weight Loss   Reduce Cellulite
  •   Improve Digestion Process by stimulating the digestive organs inside the abdomen

 10 Minute Exercise Equivalent to:

  • · YOGA – 30 Minutes
  • · LIGHT EXERCISE – 45 Minutes
  • · RUNNING – 30 Minutes
  • · JOGGING – 45 Minutes
  • · WALKING – 60 Minutes
  • · GYM – 30 Minutes
  • · STRENGTH – 30 Minutes

Discounts for military, police, fire, teachers, and cancer survivors

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